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I’ve been putting off starting my first wine kit for a little while now. Not because I haven’t been interested in it, just because I, admittedly, have been a little lazy when it came to tidying up a spot in the basement to get my wine started. My wife and I got together and started doing some killer spring cleaning a few weeks ago. We moved stuff around, moved a shelf, threw things away, and finally… my space is ready. Continue reading


Glass, or plastic?

To make wine at home, you need fermenters… a place to keep the grape juice, yeast, and whatever other additives are in the wine kit. There is a primary fermenter, which in the equipment package I have, is a large 30 litre plastic pail. There is also the secondary fermenter, which is also called a carboy. These can be either glass, or plastic. Fundamentally they do the exact same job, but which one should I use??

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Still much to learn

I stopped off at Wine Sense today. I was thinking about using the gift cards I still have to either buy some more equipment and possibly a different wine kit. One that might appeal a little more to the tastes of my wife. Unfortunately there weren’t any kits that were on sale that appealed to us, and I didn’t think it was necessary to buy any corks or additional cleaners/sanitizers…..yet.

I did however, leave with more information on what goes into the whole process. Information I would gladly have paid for but they were willing to provide at no cost. Just shows how they really take customer service seriously, and that if they understand a little help in the beginning will ensure future business.

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