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I haven’t been as active blogging lately as I’d hoped to have been.

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The long awaited (by two or three of you), and mildly anticipated Mini Beer Review, Part 2. Continue reading

Kyocera coffee grinder

I recently got a stove top espresso maker, a Bialetti Moka Express. It’s a great little gadget. Inexpensive, and brews a nice espresso. Now I understand the purists out there may disagree that this doesn’t actually make espresso, it makes coffee from espresso grounds. “True” espresso is made under high pressure, like 8 or 9 bars… this just uses steam pressure generated in a sealed environment which probably tops out at about 1.5 bars. Continue reading

I’m finally down to the second-last step in making my first batch of wine! Continue reading

Some good friends of mine gave me an 8 beer assortment as a birthday gift. When they found out I had started a blog, he insisted I post reviews of the beers. I’m by no means a professional taster, but I know what I like. Continue reading

Vinturi review

You often hear people say when they open a bottle of wine, you have to let it breathe. I didn’t really understand what was meant until I started developing a taste for, and appreciating wine.
Years ago, I received a wine decanter, and didn’t really know much about what went on other than it was a nice presentation. Turns out there are two good reasons for decanting your wine.

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