Of kindness.I was out doing a couple last-minute errands before Christmas. When I got back to my car after shopping at a couple of stores, I saw something tucked under my windshield wiper. Personally I hate when people leave unsolicited advertising on my windshield. I was just about to toss it when I noticed two things. 1) It was an envelope, not just a piece of paper advertising. 2) No other cars had anything tucked under their windshield wipers.

When I got in my car I opened the envelope. There was a note inside, and this is what it said:

Like many others the trauma that occurred on Friday December 14th in Newtown, Connecticut broke my heart and the pain that those families are feeling has hit me hard. My mind and heart rests with the victims and their families, and any other person who has suffered in the part or present.

I want to do something in the memory of them, something that will brighten the day of someone who may be experiencing similar pain, someone having a bad day, or just because they deserve it.

I am challenging myself to fight back against the darkness that has robbed our world. Every day thousands of people in our world are faced with hardship, loss, depression and frustration.

I have challenged myself to complete 27 random acts of kindness from now until January 1st 2013. My goal is to bring some joy even if just a little to those around me and in the city of Winnipeg. I challenge you to pay it forward.



And hand-written on the note was “Random Act #4” and “Enjoy a coffee & donut :)” Also in the envelope was a gift card for Tim Hortons with $5 on it.
Sometimes with the holiday stress, crowds in stores, weather, etc. you can get a little down. Anonymous did bring a smile to my face, and I get a free coffee and donut.
I will indeed be paying it forward. Maybe I can help someone else smile a bit too.

Random act of kindness