I’m back.

I’m going to write a new post or two soon.

I had to take a bit of a break from blogging and wine making for about 6 months. I was traveling throughout Manitoba for work, never knowing if I was going to be home that night or staying overnight for two, three, or more days. As a result I didn’t want to start any wine kits without being able to monitor what was going on in the fermenters. If all the magic going on in the fermenter was done, but I wasn’t going to be home for another four days…. well, I didn’t want to risk ruining a whole batch of wine! That would just be unacceptable!

Right now I have two kits waiting to be made, and with all the holiday specials and sales going on at the local winemaking storesĀ I might just have to acquire one or two more.

If you had a choice of what kit to make, what would it be? Red, white, or blush? Single grape or blend? I’m always open to suggestions of ones you may have made yourself or one that someone else has made.