The long awaited (by two or three of you), and mildly anticipated Mini Beer Review, Part 2.

Beer 5 – Tsingtao
Country – China
Volume – 330 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 4.5%
Colour – Pale yellow/straw
Notes – Light. Moderate aftertaste. Reminds me of Corona. Not bad, but not a favourite.

Beer 6 – Dos Equis Lager
Country – Mexico
Volume – 355 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 4.5%
Colour – Gold
Notes – Definitely a refreshing summer beer. I could sit on a sunny patio drinking this all day, or crack one open after mowing the lawn, or floating in the pool. Light, crisp, refreshing. Will I buy more this summer (for drinking on our patio, or after mowing the lawn, or floating in the pool….)

Beer 7 – Mill Street Coffee Porter
Country – Canada
Volume – 341 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 5.5%
Colour – Dark dark brown, almost black

Notes – Very dark porter, reminiscent of Guinness draft, with a bit of a bitter and smoky aroma and a hint of coffee. It had a decent head on it, but not one as thick as Guinness draft, either from the tap or a can.. but the two aren’t really comparable in that regard. It was definitely nice, and I would definitely consider buying some for when I wanted something a little different.

Beer 8 – Baron Bohemian Tmavy Lezak
Country – Czech Republic
Volume – 500 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 4.7%
Colour – Medium brown
Notes – Some malt on the nose. Very malty taste, which is good. It suits this beer. Mildly hoppy with a bit of a roasted nut flavour too. Not too long of an aftertaste. Once the slight bitterness fades you’re left with mild nut and malt. Nice beer.