Some good friends of mine gave me an 8 beer assortment as a birthday gift. When they found out I had started a blog, he insisted I post reviews of the beers. I’m by no means a professional taster, but I know what I like.

Beer 1 – Red Stripe Lager
Country – Jamaica
Volume – 330 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 4.7%
Colour – Golden yellow
Notes – Not bad. Not my favourite though. I’d definitely drink this if I were eating something with jerk seasoning. It self like it would help extinguish the fire.

Beer 2 – Duvel Strong Beer
Country – Belgium
Volume – 330 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 8.5%
Colour – Pale golden
Notes – Strong! I usually drink beers ranging from 4% to 6%, occasionally around 7%. This one was definitely a kicker. I found it quite hoppy and the strength overpowering, and it wasn’t as enjoyable as I’d hoped. Most Belgian beers I’ve had have been very good. I would probably hesitate to buy this one for myself. Maybe it’s more of an acquired taste, of which I haven’t done yet.

Beer 3 – Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Country – USA
Volume – 335 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 4.8%
Colour – Golden amber to medium brown
Notes – Medium hoppy, malty, medium to full flavoured. A much nicer beer than any of those from the macro breweries, but not as nice as some of the small craft beers I’ve had. The flavour seemed a little off compared to some of the ones I’ve had in the past. I just noticed on the label there’s a best before date date. Unfortunately the date indicated was November 2011. I would definitely buy this one again.

Beer 4 – Thwaite’s Lancaster Bomber
Country – Great Britain
Volume – 500 ml
Alcohol by volume (ABV) – 4.4%
Colour – Chestnut brown
Notes – Full flavour, hoppy but not overpowering, very nice smell. Mildly bitter, malty, a bit of a caramel/toffee flavour comes through. Smooth drinking with a nice aftertaste. It looks great in the glass, and tastes great leaving the glass! It’s one I will DEFINITELY be buying for myself to enjoy again.