I was looking for a specific app I recently heard about for my Android phone. It was advertised as being in the Android Marketplace. I couldn’t find it through the marketplace app on my phone for the life of me. I looked at the web based marketplace, and there it was! “Click here to download app”, so I did. “Could not find object” was the message that popped up.

Turns out, my phone’s OS version was incompatible with that app. MTS (my cell provider) doesn’t have an OS upgrade for my specific phone. Great. Stuck with an old OS, and I have no desire to upgrade my phone. What can I do? Nothing? Wrong!

Turns out the Android OS is based on the Linux operating system, and if you know what you’re doing you can modify it to your liking. Unfortunately I have no concept of programming, or even Linux. Fortunately there are lots of people out there that do know, and those that do know, have already made changes/upgrades for the phone I do have!
Some friends sent me info on what I needed to do to upgrade my OS, read it over decided what I was going to upgrade to, and started finding the necessary programs, apps, etc.
The general process is
1) Root your phone.
2) Install a recovery image.
3) Flash the new ROM.
I had no problem with rooting. That turned out to be the simple part. I was completely unable to install the necessary recovery image. I spent 2 days browsing forums, looking for help and answers. I eventually got that step done. Again, a compatability issue with my phone. Argh.
After that, it was smooth sailing with flashing the new ROM and getting it configured. Now I have a much faster and newer OS, with better battery life to boot.