You often hear people say when they open a bottle of wine, you have to let it breathe. I didn’t really understand what was meant until I started developing a taste for, and appreciating wine.
Years ago, I received a wine decanter, and didn’t really know much about what went on other than it was a nice presentation. Turns out there are two good reasons for decanting your wine.

1) If there are any loose bits of cork or sediment in the bottle, you can pass the wine through a filter or leave the sediment in the bottle so it doesn’t make it into your glass.

2) All that splashing around while you pour, and the large surface area in the decanter exposes the wine to the air, allowing some oxidization to take place. This allows some of the flavours to develop, smooth out the finish. Is it OK to drink it right away? Sure, but patience is often rewarded.

This is where the Vinturi comes in. What exactly is it? It’s a hand held wine aerator. What does it do? It quickly exposes the wine poured through it to a large volume of air. Decanting and letting the wine breathe takes time. Half an hour, an hour… it all depends on the wine. If you want to drink your wine right away, you forgot to decant the wine 30 minutes ago and guests are headed up the sidewalk, or if you only want to pour a single glass, this is a perfect wine accessory.

How does it work? As a liquid speeds up, it’s pressure drops. The Vinturi has a couple small air holes that suck in air as the wine passes by them, instantly exposing a greater volume of the wine to the air, specifically, oxygen. How well does it work? Quite well! I’ve only used it once, and I had my wife assist me in doing a little blind taste test. I poured two equal glasses of a Cabernet Sauvignon that I have never had before, one through the Vinturi and the other straight from the bottle. I left the room, and she marked the glasses so only she knew which was which. After that, I did all the things I’ve learned to do when sampling wine. Give it a swirl in the glass, smell, taste etc. I tried both glasses, twice. The wine poured through the Vinturi had a much more complex bouquet, more pronounced flavours, and a much smoother and mellow finish. Did I pick the right glass? I sure did. Was there a huge difference between them? To my unrefined palette, no, but there was a noticeable difference when compared side by side.

Would I recommend this? Definitely, if you enjoy drinking wine.

Two things to keep in mind with the Vinturi though, first: there are two models, one for red wine and one for white. I was testing the red wine version. Second: it won’t make a bad wine good, it can only make a good wine better. Nothing can help a bad wine 🙂