Wine. I think I acquired a taste for it probably when I was about 23. Sure, I drank it before then because it was easier to get drunk off it, but didn’t really enjoy it until I was older.

I never really thought about making wine until this past summer. I knew people that have made it, most enjoyed it, but anytime I drank homemade wine… well, it tasted homemade. Mediocre. Nothing fancy. Went well with dinner.

After looking into the process, and finding out there are many different qualities of wine kits that can produce wine as good as or better than commercial wines… why not try it?

“How much is all the basic wine making equipment?” I ask the guy behind the counter at probably the  only wine supply store in Winnipeg that is open on a Sunday. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that expensive… at least less expensive than I had initially thought. I especially liked seeing the cost per bottle for the different kit wines. Between $1.60 for an economy kit on sale, and $4 for a premium kit. (Cost of equipment excluded). Plus with all the same gear, you can brew beer too! Wow, I’ll be able to save a ton of money, not that I’m constantly out at the beer vendor or wine merchant buying a ton of stuff.

My wonderful wife and in-laws collaborated in the months before Christmas to go out and buy me a starter kit of equipment and a wine kit! My parents and others were also in on the idea and purchased some gift cards so I could buy a few extra things like corks, some additional equipment that just make things a bit easier, and another kit.

In the upcoming days or weeks, I’m going to start making my first batch of wine. First thing I need to do is set up the space in my basement to keep the fermenter and my other equipment. After that, it’ll be mostly a waiting game while the yeast works it’s magic on the grape juice.